Knighton Tree Allotments Trust

The Woodland Working Group of TVEG met on 23rd June 2010 and decided that there was enough interest in and around Knighton to encourage members to grow wood for fuel and also for fruit and nuts, and timber to be used locally. Having access to woodland might also enable us to use it for educational and cultural projects in line with our general objectives in TVEG for a more sustainable and locally based lifestyle. We have therefore formed the Knighton Tree Allotments Trust (KTAT) – a Company Limited by Guarantee – that will take overall responsibility for the project.

Here are some recent documents of interest

Tips for voluntary woodland orgs

Understanding Woodland Management – News Item for LyG

Here is our current leaflet explaining KTAT  KTAT Promotional Leaflet v7

KTAT Members Form

Newsletter April 2015


The harsh conditions we are experiencing this winter highlight the need for us all to pull together to provide an affordable sustainable heat source.

We recognise the local need to provide wood for fuel and other woodland products, whilst maintaining healthy vibrant woodlands for wildlife and ensuring biodiversity for future generations.

We have formed a not for profit company, Knighton Tree Allotment Trust to provide the woodlands our community needs for a sustainable future and are now looking for land and woodlands to buy, lease or manage, preferably within a 5 mile radius of Knighton, though we will consider further afield.

Please contact Angie if you have any land that might be suitable ……..

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Volunteering days coming up

Please contact Angie if you would like to attend any of these dates for more information  as soon as possible


Woodlands for added value ACZ 20Jul14

Processing and Stacking Firewood


Here are some photographs of some of the activities you can be part of by volunteering.

Clearing the brash and chopping the wood at Greenstreete site, February 2015

Lunch Break Log pile Clearing brash wood pile tea break Kate and Karen coppicing jamie and Sue coppicing Greg & Sarah splitting wood carrying pallets

Workday 23rd January 2014 (10) - compressed Trustees meeting on  8Jun2012 Stacking Sarah Jamie and Mick working at Weir Cottage 4Nov13 Milling Last Brash clearing session Axes & Bodgers Andy stacking Woodstore 21May14 door on Tod Bernard and Andy working away5 with certificates 4Nov13 Andy stacking Angie&Colin with saw Axes & Bodgers Kate and julie-Ann high pruning Last Brash clearing session Milling

We currently have six Trustees who have taken on various responsibilities: Angie Zelter (Secretary), Cindylou Turner-Taylor, Camilla Saunders, Gary Cowell, Jamie Ritchie and Kate Maclean.

Our AGM for 2014 was held on Tuesday 25th March 2014 at The Offa’s Dyke Centre at 7.30pm.

The results of the flora and fauna surveys that have taken place over the last year or two can be found here.
GreenStreet_ResultsReport 2013
Greenstreete Bird Survey November 2013
Greenstreete Bird Survey – May 2013
Greenstreete Bird Survey – Dec 2012

Our AGM for 2013 was held on Thursday 25th April at the Offa’s Dyke Centre in Knighton at 7.30 p.m. and a report can be found here

Our first AGM was held on 11th April 2012 and a report of the proceedings is available here. (Opens in a new window.)

We sent our first newsletter out to all Members and Friends and it is available here (Opens in a new window.)

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The Trust is called Knighton Tree Allotments Trust and it has the following aims and objectives:-

The objects for which the Trust is established are for the benefit of the public in and around Knighton and the Teme Valley, including the members of the Trust, so that they can plant and maintain woodlands to provide themselves with affordable access to firewood, fruit, nuts and other woodland products in a sustainable manner by:-

1. setting up a Model Tree Allotment where skills can be learnt and shared and where trees are planted wherever appropriate to produce a sustainable supply of woodland products, including firewood, fruit, nuts, and timber whilst encouraging biodiversity. The distribution of the woodland products from this Model Tree Allotment will go to all those directly involved in working and managing the Model Tree Allotment including those who are also Trustees or members of the Trust;
2. acquiring and providing affordable use of land for local people to grow their own firewood and woodland products by the setting up of Tree Allotments;
3. promoting education, skill-sharing and knowledge of woodland management, sustainable eco-systems, biodiversity, and related scientific and artistic endeavour;
4. managing all lands held by the Trust in a sustainable fashion, so as to enhance the diversity, productivity and beauty of the environment, in accordance with organic principles, for the benefit and happiness of present and future generations;
5. encouraging participation in all of the above activities of the Trust by the general public and specific interest groups of all ages, abilities and backgrounds;
6. acquiring lands whether freehold or leasehold, with or without buildings and fixtures, and of a character, size and location to be decided by the Trustees.

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Summary of Knighton Tree Allotments Trust
– What is it and How will it Work
Knighton Tree Allotments Trust – Memorandum and Articles of Association
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If you want to get involved then please contact Angie on 01547 520929 or at