The name of the group is TEME VALLEY ENVIRONMENT GROUP.

The group’s aims are to promote the wellbeing of local people and the local economy while protecting and conserving the environment with prudent use of resources, by:
1 initiating, promoting and supporting projects that extend local sustainability and public benefit, in areas such as food production, energy, health and wellbeing, preventing pollution, transport, housing and livelihoods.
2 engaging, including and informing the local public in the above; offering advice and assistance
3 conducting research to this end and sharing the useful results of such work.

In order to carry out the aims of the group, the committee may
1 raise funds and receive contributions.
2 co-operate with other groups and organisations
3 do all such other lawful things as are necessary to achieve the aims.

Membership of the group is open to any person who wants to support the aims of the group. Each member will have one vote and will be eligible to stand for election onto the committee. The group will be non-party-political, non-sectarian and will be committed to non-discriminatory practices and equal opportunities.
An up to date membership list will be kept.

1 The Annual General Meeting will be held once a year with a maximum of 18 months between meetings. 14 days notice to be given to all members.
2 The committee will present the annual report and accounts.
3 Members can put themselves forward for election to the committee at the AGM.
4 Every member has one vote.
5 Members will elect the Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and Membership Secretary for the coming year, and up to 20 other committee members.

An Extraordinary General Meeting can be held at the chair’s discretion or by a written request to the chair of not less than 20 members. The meeting shall be called within twenty-one days of such a request and appropriate measures taken to inform all members. An Extraordinary General Meeting should only consider the business specified in the request.

1. The committee will hold at least two meetings each year.
2. At least ten percent of members including two elected officers must be present at a meeting to be able to take decisions.
3. The committee will keep minutes and maintain accounts that can be viewed by any member on request.
4. The committee may appoint five co-opted members in addition to those elected at the AGM. Co-opted members will not have voting rights.
5. Committee members must not be paid or gain financially from the group

1. Funds will be held in a bank account operated by the committee in the name of the group. All cheques must be signed by two committee members.
2. Funds shall only be used to support the aims of the group.

Changes to the constitution or a decision to wind up the group must be confirmed by a two-thirds majority of members present and voting at a general meeting for all members called with 14 days notice. Any assets remaining will be given to a group with similar aims and objectives.

Nicola Colston Chair
Sheila Clarke Secretary
Siggy Haynes Treasurer
Penny Rosenthal Membership secretary
This revised constitution approved at the Annual General Meeting April 20th 2021.