Can you help keep our Town Tidy? Help us litter pick.

Current management

TVEG has been working with Keep Wales Tidy to improve the local environment. We have litter picking kits so that we can look after the areas of the town that are not covered by the Town Council’s initiative work via Brian’s hard work particularly along the riverbank. (These kits are available for other local groups to borrow as well). Contact Sheila Clarke at  or 01547 520019 to borrow equipment

Dates for Litter Picks:

The next dates are

10 a.m for one hour 27th June meet at Offa’s Dyke Centre

Coffee and cake afterwards although we will need to bring our own as going to cafes in a group will probably not be allowed because of COVID 19!

The last 2 risk assessments (one in realtion to COVID) and one relating to generic litter picking were completed in April 2021 and are available from

Safety Briefing for Litter pickers.
We are all picking as individuals at our own risk.

We are not covered by any group insurance.
Please observe all Covid social distance and hygiene guidelines.
Please litter pick in pairs.
• Wear hi vis jacket and gloves
• Don’t put yourself or others at any risk just for litter.
• No dog poo or liquids
• No sharps
• Steer clear of the river
• Do not attempt to lift heavy objects. Make a note of the location and report on Powys CC flytipping webpage.
Recycling: If you litterpick in pairs one could pick landfill the other to collect recyclables, or if you prefer you can each have a double bag in the ring to separate them. Or not bother (this is primarily a litter pick, the recycling element would be a bonus)
One hour max. In an emergency, or if you are going early please contact
( the relevant telephone number is included on the day of the pick)










9 Medium
9 Medium



















Assessment Review Date:                                                                                                       New Risk Assessment Required?   Yes / No

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