Edible Knighton

STOP PRESS Coronovirus 

TVEG is following government advice on activities during the current pandemic. There are no current group activities. Note the Knighton Community Centre is currently closed although there are services still running from the centre. Contact knightoncomm@gmail.com

What Edible Knighton can offer you  

The Edible Knighton project started with the planting of twelve fruit and nut trees by the Knighton Community Centre.  Other redundant land around Knighton has been used to plant fruit, nut trees and herb beds for the community to use. The herb beds are labelled with a TVEG sign! The trees are labelled when they are in fruit. You can use any of the fruit nuts or herbs for your own use for free   

Plant stalls and seed swaps are held every year at Knighton Community Market events and publicised here and on social media

A Zero mile stall (selling local produce at a reasonable rate) is run by Tom Taylor. Contact 07487240259

What you can offer Edible Knighton? 

Do you know of any redundant pieces of land that might be used? Perhaps you, your business or organisation, your sports club or school has bits of land where trees or bushes can be planted.

You can offer to help with the regular maintenance task days see meetings page

You can give plants and seeds for the stalls

You can give your excess produce to Tom Taylor for sale at the Knighton Community Market


The map here will show you where the planted areas are so you can help yourself to the fruit,nuts and herbs. For more information phone Anne Mary Davis on 01547 528833 or |Sheila Clarke 01547 520019