Project Plastic



This project began in 2018 with the increasing recognition internationally and locally that plastic waste has a very detrimental effect on the planet. These concerns have been highlighted by individuals such as David Attenborough and organisations such as Surfers against Sewage. Support has been provided through a local network of groups in Shropshire and Wales to develop an action plan to raise awareness and to influence changes in individula and business behaviours.

Working with the Cooperative Society.

The aim is to lobby and encourage the  Co-operative Society to reduce their use of plastic packaging and to become more aware of the environmental impact of their business. This has included attending the annual general meeting of the  Society and building relationships with staff within the Society as well as withthe local manager in Knighton.  Two meetings have been held locally prior to the pandemic. Minutes are available.  Please contact Karen Plant  01547 520565 for updates. All meetings have been cancelled during the  pandemic

Action Planning meetings

These have been held as needed either for all members or for particular sub group meeting. Please contact Nicola Colston All meetings have been cancelled during the  pandemic

Encouraging a plastic free Knighton Carnival 

In 2019 TVEG assisted in clearing the carnival of refuse after the event. This led to the realisation that further work needed to be done to encourage a plastic free Carnival in line with an increasing number  of festivals making this move. Consequentlt TVEG joined the 2020 planning committee and work was done to change contracts with stall holders  and research completed on costs and developemts to refuse collection throughtout the event . Due to the  pandemic  the 2020 Carnival  was cancelled.  Further activities are not yet planned.

Litter picking 

Normally these have been held on the last Sunday of every month at 10 a.m. for one hour,  alternating between Knighton Community Centre and Offas Dyke Centre as a starting point. Coffee and cake afterwards! During the  pandemic individuals can borrow equipment Contact Sheila Clarke 01547 520019

Awareness raising

Several stalls were led by TVEG in 2019 incliding at the Knighton Carnival. Photographs will be loaded here.  A leaflet was designed and distributed at these events and across Knighton. Further activities are not yet planned

Refill scheme 

To decrease the use of plastic bottles  this scheme has been publicised across Knighton. Signs have been placed in shops who will provide customers with free tap water to fill people’s own containers.

Details of the Refill app ………

Check out the project leaflet.

Reuse and recycle. Ideas collected from people in the Rea Valley doing their bit to save waste. (PDF file – opens in a new window.)