Edible Knighton

The Edible Knighton project started with the planting of twelve fruit and nut trees by the Community Centre in Knighton; this is the first phase of an exciting new project which is about providing a community resource by using redundant land to plant fruit and nut trees. We will include plants that provide forage for bees in the hope that in return they pollinate our trees for us! In the future the project will expand onto other public and privately owned land. There are already negotiations with Powys County Council about planting on road junctions and verges and around the car park.

Do you know of any redundant pieces of land that might be used? Perhaps you, your business or organisation, your sports club or school has bits of land where trees or bushes can be planted. There will also be a chance for people to plant a tree in memory of a loved one or to commemorate a significant event if they wish.

What happens to the harvest? We will hold events where we can share the produce and sell surplus to raise money to further the project. Any profit in the future will go to local environmental schemes.

The map here will show you where the planted areas are so you can help yourself to the fruit and nuts.

For information phone 01547 528833 / www.tveg.org.uk